Mary Ellen & Thom

Mary Ellen & Thom Duell have been a duo in life and music for over 3 decades performing together not only as a duo, but in bands on stages across the country as well as in the recording studio. Their amazing vocal abilities individually and together, coupled with Thom’s slow hand melodic guitar playing make them a joy to listen to – whether it’s the two of them or they are accompanied by high-end recorded tracks for a full band sound....from Bonnie Raitt to the Beatles....Ronstadt to Morrison; Chris Isaak to Stevie Nicks; Tom Petty to Heart, they will take you down a musical memory lane that will have you saying over and over; “ Wow – I LOVE that song”. Emphasizing music primarily from the 60’s to the 80’s with some standards and some current music thrown in from time to time, you will enjoy not only listening to them, but also their engaging stage presence and pure love of music.


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