Mitchell James

Mitchell James performs from 1-4. Cottage Creek is open from 12-5.

Mitchell James has loved music his whole life, exposed to a wide range of music since a young age thank to his close family. He began writing songs at the age of twelve playing in and out of bands since high school. Starting his own band came as a result of Mitchell wanting the following question to stop being asked – “When’s your next open mic, man; I want to see you perform?!” Shortly after, Mitchell started booking gigs around his hometown of Gilroy; a small town city in Northern California where it’s not rare to see horses and tractors holding up traffic on a two-way road. After performing as a solo act around town at wineries, festivals, and more, he linked up with Mark Agloro after Mark attended one of his gigs. From that moment, everything quickly snowballed into what we now know as…Mitchell James Band. His inspirations cover an extremely broad spectrum – Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, SRV, AC/DC, Lenny Kravitz, and so much more. He has recorded two EPs as Mitchell James (Hi, Mom.), The Jetsets (Stick Shift EP), and a variety of singles, all available on streaming platforms like Apple Music & Spotify.


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