Our Vineyard

Located on Morgan Hills beautiful west side at an elevation of roughly 1300 feet is Cottage Creek Vineyards. Here is where we grow our estate cabernet in soil consisting of loamy earth, rich in nutrients and well draining. Our soil is also low in PH similar to the central coast appellation. Clone and root stock were used to begin our planting in early 2016 utilizing the Paulson 1103P clone.

This early flood plane area was mostly river rock at one time and is now perfect for growing grapes. The roots love the exceptional drainage which helps to promote a deep root system for our special vineyard. You may hear growers say, “deep vines make fine wines”, and we believe this to be true. In fact, Uvas Valley could be its separate AVA wine trail due to this perfect growing region.  

  • Located in the beautiful Uvas Valley.

    We can be found at the southern end of Santa Clara County, just a short distance from Santa Cruz and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our estate vineyard setting is nestled against the Western most region of Morgan Hill against the beautiful green mountains. Uvas Creek flows through our property all year round and makes for our unique wine tasting experience. In this special terrain our grapes thrive on picturesque misty mornings, hot afternoons and cool nights.

  • Wine Growing Partners

    The growing partners for Cottage Creek Vineyards are some of the most well respected professionals in the wine business. In addition to our own homegrown varietal, we also source from Californias Central Coast and the Pacific Northwest. These cooler growing regions make for some lighter alcohol wines while providing rich colors and perfectly balanced textures. Sam and Denise work closely with their wine maker to establish the right balance of fruit, texture, body and taste in their wines.

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